10th May 2018


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Ivona Ester and I am a Consciousness Coach®.

Firstly, I would like to appologize that my webpage is not fully translated to English. Nevertheless, I am a fluent English speaker and this page will give you some basic info of what I do. If it resonates with you, please contact me and I will give you more details 🙂

Consciousness coaching

In coaching I help you to connect to what you truly want (which is ususally one layer beneath what we think we want 😉 ) and find your own unique way to get there. I dont believe there is a way of “should”, how our lives should look like,  what should make us happy, what should be the best way to achieve our dreams.. etc. What I do believe is that wherever we want to get, the journey starts within ourselves. If you are willing to start this adventure, I will be honored to be your guide 🙂

Family constellation therapy

Working with systemic constellations helps us heal the emotinal wounds we have both inherited from your ancestrors or experienced in our own lives. It might reveal things we were not even aware about and show us the way to deal with them. It is most effective to work in a group (please contact me to see upcoming dates for the groups), but there is also a way to work one on one, if you prefer.

Employee development

I offer supervision and consultaions on how to develop your team “1on1”. I believe communication and feedback delivery are some of the key skills every manager should have in order to keep his team happy and growing.

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